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Anal Asylum Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore

Chloe Cherry is an orderly at the Anal Asylum. her job to let the anal whores out of their cages from time to time and give them their butts with anal therapy. Today she releases patient Lexi Lore. When cage door opens, she wriggles out feet first wearing a leather jacket with perfect perky titties exposed, and a ball gag in her mouth. First Chloe takes ball gag out and lifts up her lab coat. She puts one leg up, spreads her bare ass and tells Lexi to start licking. Lexi shimmies over and shoves her tongue way up ass and tongue fucks pretty hole. After that, Chloe gets double ended acrylic toy and stuffs it in ass with the big side. Chloe makes ass gape but wants to stretch it even more so she grabs an even bigger glass toy and fucks with it, getting even bigger gapes. Chloe wants to go even bigger so she gets a fat dildo and plunges it in and out of asshole until it opens up nice and big. Finally Chloe gets a big metal, hollow butt plug and leaves it in ass while she lets her press a vibrator against her clit and cum. After that, Chloe gets her strap on and attaches a fat dildo to it. She tells Lexi she only fucks good girls and slides it in her ass and fucks her deep. She flips her over and fucks with legs spread and Lexi cums bang with huge black cock buried in her ass. With Lexi looking like having too much fun, Chloe wants Lexi to play on cam with her ass now. Chloe gets up on the exam table, ass in the air, completely naked, and Lexi shoves a big metal dildo inside her ass and fucks with it while Chloe presses a vibrator against her pussy. After that, Chloe gets a big pink double dildo and shoves it inside both of their enormous asses and position themselves ass to ass. Before returning Lexi to her cage, Chloe gets on her back and has Lexi slide the slink deep inside her ass and cums style with vibrator.

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